Гепард растерялся увидев туман!

Дата: 02.11.2021 17:15:00 Просмотров: 120040 Длительность: 03:46

Категории: Живность
Гепард растерялся увидев туман!

Герда невероятно милая гепардочка! Увидела туман-растерялась, наступила на снежную траву-растерялась и убежала)) Сплошное умиление!

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Tosh Brear
06.11.2021 15:28:39
Messi, I'm really sorry. So sorry. You're number 2 now. Gerda is my favourite. I love watching her and the love you both give to her is amazing to watch. Are you planning to give her a really good sprint in the future. I'd love to see her at full pelt
Sheree Campeau
03.11.2021 02:08:03
Gerda has the loudest purr. She's such a sweet and pretty girl. Love her ???? cheetah markings. Messi is handsome too. I'm still in awe over how they have attached to you both. It's incredible.
Lala Asatourian
06.11.2021 09:42:51
Sweet gerda. You will see this for years. Don't worry, mom and dad will be with you. Love you gerda ❤❤❤
Di Al
03.11.2021 21:15:48
А у Герды теплый дом?
Irina Maksimova
03.11.2021 22:40:59
DePerez Cancino
05.11.2021 06:00:36
Beautiful Gerda ????